Christ’s Chapel shares the Gospel with senior citizens through music, praise, poetry and fellowship in the retirement community setting.

Christ’s Chapel at Ashbridge

We currently hold outreach worship services at Ashbridge Manor in Downingtown every Sunday at 2pm. These are full one-hour length services with hymnal worship, Scripture reading, exhortation and prayer.

Traditionally, we also have Bible study at Ashbridge every Wednesday at 3:15PM. Please watch the church calendar for the next Bible study.

Residents and family – all are welcome!

Simpson Meadows Community

Retirement Community Ministry. See Carol Strauser / Andrea Smith or contact the church office (610.857.2357) to arrange your participation.

Newport Meadows Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Traditionally, we have a Bible Study at the Newport Meadows (formerly Harrison House) senior living, Christiana, PA (1st and 3rd Wednesdays).  See Pastor Sally Arter or contact the church office (610.857.2357) for further information and arrangements to participate. Please also reference church calendar for Bible study scheduling.