Greetings Church,

I greet you today in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  His name is great and greatly to be praised!

Today I am reminded of the selection of worship entitled Jesus, Lover of my Soul, written and published by Charles Wesley in 1740.  Within the lyrics of this selection, the worshiper is called to declare ‘Thou, O Christ, art all I want, More than all in Thee I find… Thou art evermore the same, Thou art full of truth and grace’.   Within the version of modern times by the same name, we will proclaim before the Lord, ‘Jesus, lover of my soul, Jesus, I will never let You go, You’ve taken me from the miry clay, You’ve set my feet upon the rock, Now I know, I love You, I need You!  Can you feel yourself singing to the Lord today?

Within both of these selections, as we worship the Lord, giving glory unto His name because we know and are assured that He is the one true lover of our soul, His power to fulfill our every need is recognized.  1 Corinthians 10 reminds us that as we partake of Christ (10:4), He is the spiritual Rock that we drink of!  His word is all knowing.  His name is all powerful.  His presence is all consuming.  Let your desire be to walk in His shadow.   Today, know that as you profess that Christ is all you want; that you will never let him go – He will be the rock for you to stand upon!

This past week, I was given the following promise scriptures and encouragement by Miss Let Manuel.  And I believe this very thought is also appropriate for you today.   She wrote, ‘the Lord gave me this:  ‘Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise.  In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. (Romans 4:20 NLT).   This reminds us to never give up trusting and never give up to hope on our prayer.  … I believe, only those who believe and trust Him by faith will be able to experience His mighty power, His great mercy and grace in restoring and rebuilding.  Abraham’s demonstration of faith inspires us to do the same in our faith walk.’

Church, in this week ahead, no matter the nature of the day, I challenge you to pray before the Lord Jesus, ‘Lord, I will hold on to You, I will stand upon the promises of your word for I know that You are my Rock.  Lord help me to have the faith of Abraham, never wavering. Let me be reminded always that as I walk with You, your word declares (Mt. 17:20) that by your power, nothing shall be impossible for me. I trust and hold on to you today. Lord Jesus let me bring glory to your name, this I pray in your name, Amen’. 

We trust that you will be able to join with all the people of God for worship, prayer and the Word this coming Sunday at 10:30 AM here at Christ’s Chapel – Parkesburg.  Services are also now on going with Christ’s Chapel at Ashbridge at 2:00 PM.  Everyone is called upon to practice social distancing, face coverings and sanitization in order for the safety of all.  If you feel confident to join in, please do make every effort to be with us.  There is strength found in the sweet communion of the saints (Col. 3:16).   


Pastors Simeon & Marissa Strauser 

Christ’s Chapel    

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