Walking In The Faith God Has Given You
-He Has Your Hand-
Christ’s Chapel Weekly Greetings 4/19/20
by Pastor Simeon

Greetings today Family of God,

I pray that in this day, you are giving your God the praise that is due His name!   

For each and every one of us, we are able to confirm one to another, that in the last number of weeks, ever since the closing down of large portions of the economy, the undertakings of our days have been a bit different.  You may be off work, you may have children home from school.  Appointments, planned travel, or even projects around the home may have already been canceled and reset for later in the year.  Most of you now know what it is like to have limited time outside of the home environment.  These changes and many more, have all come in what has seemed like a moments notice.  Due to the emergency state in which we and the many countries around the world are experiencing, not only our schedules, but even our thought patterns have been altered.

From the Apostle Paul’s writing unto all the believers in Rome, we find the Lord speaking to you and I today from Romans 12.  There the Lord is teaching us that we are to offer ourselves before the Lord as a living sacrifice, walking holy and pleasing before God.  He teaches there that as we walk right before God, it is to be seen as our spiritual service of worship.  Daily, bringing glory to the Lord God in all that we do in thought, word or deed!  The apostle goes on with;

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect (vs 12:2).

What follows is an exhorting to be careful of how we view ourselves, as a body with many members, each having a function given by God for the body, for we who are many, are one body, and each member belonging to each other.  We further learn from this portion of scripture that this is possible as we walk clear-minded, according to the measure of faith God has given. 

This week you are being challenged by the Lord God to look to Him in faith, letting your mind be renewed by the power of His word.  Let not the voices of the world dictate your tomorrow.  God is with you.  He will guide you.  As your faith is anchored in the word of the Lord, you will know what is pleasing before Him.    

Reach out, touch someone in need today.  Let your thoughts and conversation bring glory to Christ Jesus.  Share your faith with that special family member or friend.   Send a message to a front line worker, doctor or nurse.  Let them know that they are appreciated, and that God loves them.  God has your hand.  He will lead you!  Join us this Sunday at 10:30 by Zoom for an interactive teaching on ‘The Walk of Faith’.

Pastor Simeon Strauser
Christ’s Chapel

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