Welcome to worship with Christ’s Chapel. You are welcome here today to worship. The Word of God reminds us to ‘enter his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise’. (Ps. 100:4). As you join with the people of God today in worship before the Lord, let your heart and mind be filled with a spirit of thanks and praise. Let your voice ring out unto Christ your Savior. May you be lifted up in the presence of the Lord today.


Pastors Simeon and Marissa Strauser
Christ’s Chapel Full Gospel Assembly

General Announcements: July 17, 2016

  • All Church Fellowship Today! Please join us for All Church Fellowship immediately following morning worship. Fellowship is held on lower level 12:30-1:30. Make this your opportunity to meet and greet, offering a word of encouragement to one another. Lite fare will be served.
  • ‘Unity of the Faith’ Bible study this Thursday! Come and join the segment of study entitled ‘The Purpose of The Church‘ . This portion of study is a discussion of understanding who the church is, the call to worship, the building up of the people of God, prayer one for another, and the mission of reaching out to the world. You will see the church in a whole new light! Midweek Chapel: Worship, Study, and Prayer. Thursdays 6:45-8:15. Study outlines are prepared for you! Just bring your glasses and a pen!
  • Special Prayer Requested for Jabez Manuel. As a student of University of Valley Forge, Jabez will be joining others in an evangelistic mission to the country of Burundi leaving this week on the 22nd. Jabez will be ministering there along with a team from City Life Philly and SOS Missions July 22 – August 2. Collectively, the team will be involved in street ministry evangelization, preaching the Word, praying for the sick and witnessing the love of Jesus. Pray for this ministry to Bujumbura, Burundi.
  • Sunday Youth Classes for ages 11-15 will resume the 4th week of July with the return of the Christ’s Chapel youth instructors.
  • Sponsor-A-Child Project. Join with others of Christ’s Chapel in supporting a child in need! Christ’s Chapel is now working directly with our Philippine partner churches in the support of children in need. $25.00 per month helps to support a child’s care and education. See the church bulletin board or Pastor Marissa for more information. Sponsor a child today!
  • Prayer for the sick. Please call the church office at 610-857-2357 for personal prayer, visitations & laying on of hands for the sick. You may also submit your prayer requests by placing a note in the altar prayer box. Let us believe upon the Lord for our every need. The Lord God is your healer!
  • Monday Open Sanctuary Prayer will resume following the Summer season. Over the Summer, we encourage you to remain faithful in personal prayer and the daily reading of scripture.
  • Louriz and Miguel Soriano are now two-thirds of the way across the United States for relocation here in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. Ministers Louriz and Miguel will be joining the Christ’s Chapel ministry team, giving in ministry to youth, young adult, music and the many other areas of work of the Lord as they advance their ministry training here with Full Gospel Ministries. Please cover the Soriano’s in prayer as they complete the journey this week.

Weekly Email Announcements. All of these announcements and more are on our weekly emails from the pastor. If you are not yet receiving the weekly communications, you may do so simply by dropping your email information in the offering bag.


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