Worship the Lord today with your whole heart! When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus replied, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Mt. 22:37. Today we come into the House of God to worship our Lord will all that we have; with our every thought, emotion and desire! May you be encouraged and uplifted by the power of God today as His word is spoken over you. You are welcome here at Christ’s Chapel.

Pastors Simeon and Marissa Strauser
Christ’s Chapel Full Gospel Assembly

General Announcements: May 1, 2016

  • Christ’s Chapel at Ashbridge. Our second service will be held today at Ashbridge Community, RT. 30, Downingtown, PA. See what God is doing with Christ’s Chapel at Ashbridge! Ashbridge Community Room. 2:00-3:00PM. All welcome.
  • Did you miss the Women of Influence Fellowship last Sunday? What a great time of inspiration by the Word and fellowship one with another was had by all! A big thank you goes to Miriam Shaw for her special sharing of the gospel message. If you missed it, do not fret, the next fellowship will be held Sunday, May 29 at 6PM.
  • Full Gospel Bible Institute Graduation services for 2016 will be held on Sunday, May 15, at 6:30PM. Commencement speaker is Pastor Eleanor Del Balso of Hazleton Full Gospel Fellowship. Christ’s Chapel students graduating are Mario Marrero and Rachel Marrero. Christ’s Chapel undergraduate students participating are Let Manuel and Ginny Strauser. Plan now to join the FGBI students of the Parkesburg and Hazleton study centers for this great occasion. Come, give your support and encouragement to those training for the work of the Lord!
  • Mother’s Day at Christ’s Chapel NEXT SUNDAY! Let all the people of God join together into the House of God, as we give honor and appreciation for the Mothers of each of our families. Pastor Simeon will be bringing a special sermon centering on the mighty love of God received by a Mother. Reach out, bring your mother……….or someone you love like a mother! Let’s give God all our praise.
  • Pastora Marissa Update. Pastora Marissa had completed her ministry with the Taysan Full Gospel Churches last week. Then she was joined by Minister Let Manuel, with whom she travelled with the FG Hope of Glory Church. There they together ministered to nearly 100 children and youth, and agreed together in prayer for a strengthening for the ministry of Pastor Deocampo as he leads this great ministry unto the Lord. Pastora Marissa will now complete her ministry in the Philippines over the next week in ministry together with the FG Alliance of Full Gospel Churches, pastors and friends, in the Laguna and Manila areas.
  • Midweek Chapel. This week, the ongoing UNITY OF FAITH Bible study series is focusing on the topic, ‘Faith For the Righteousness of God’. Midweek Chapel: Worship, Study, and Prayer. Thursdays 6:45-8:15. Do not miss your refueling of power each Thursday. All by God’s Word.
  • ASH BRIDGE Service and Midweek Bible Study. To all the family of Christ’s Chapel at Ashbridge! We encourage you to spread the word of the ongoing Bible study held each Wednesday at 3:15 and Christ’s Chapel worship services at 2:00PM each Sunday (except the 3rd). Bring a friend with you! Give the love of God today!
  • Sponsor-A-Child Project. Join with others of Christ’s Chapel in supporting a child in need! Christ’s Chapel is now working directly with our Philippine partner churches in the support of children in need. $25.00 per month helps to support a child’s care and education. See the church bulletin board for more information. Sponsor a child today!
  • Prayer for the sick. Please call the church office at 610-857-2357 for personal prayer, visitations & laying on of hands for the sick. You may also submit your prayer requests by placing a note in the altar prayer box. Let us believe upon the Lord for our every need. The Lord God is your healer!


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